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On the slopes of Konos hill, in the northern part of Greece, stretches the olive grove of Micheli & Adamidi families for more than four generations.

For many decades now, we cultivate our local Makri olive variety, with proper cultivation practices for our trees and
environmentally friendly, with respect of the natural wild life circles.


New olive trees, are constantly added, giving spots of freshness in the centenarian olive farm.

The unique microclimate as well as the schist subsoil of the mountain contribute towards the creation of the end-products. On one hand the altitude and on the other hand the aura of the Thracean Sea which is only three kilometers away, form the basis of the microclimate of the area.

It is worth noting that the area is located in the most northern part of the Mediterranean Sea allowing us to feel proud of the unique product we produce.


At the Michelis Estate the cultivation takes place with our continuous presence in the olive grove. The experience of previous generations is combined with modern techniques throughout the production process.


Our main focus is on the quality and production of products with unique features that testify to Kono’s particular area.

The Harvest

The olive harvesting process begins during the first days of October and lasts for more than a month,

depending on the weather conditions and the olive quantity of the year.

The main means of harvesting is a self-propelled machine, which adjusts its front part depending

on the trunk and the slope of each tree and exerts high vibration.


This way we collect the biggest percentage of the fruit, while afterwards

workers with modern olive harvesting machines (of vibrational movement)

follow afterwards, thus securing the integrity of the fruit

and the tree branches along with the olive collection speed.




elaiotribeio konoshillIn November 2016 the first oil extraction was carried producing a unique result. Our own olive oil! This took place at our own modern oil mill which was built in the area where the olive grove had begun to take form 6 decades ago.

During these last years we have the advantage of “cold extraction
method” for our olive fruits with a modern two-phase olive mill inside
our estate. 

Through this particular investment we have the ability to extract the olive oil only a few hours after the olives have been gathered. The whole oil extraction process is conducted at a temperature below 23oC allowing us to bear the title cold pressed olive oil.


Olive Oil

Based on the difference in maturity of the olives which are gathered, various types of olive oil are created. More specifically, when the olives are still green and as a result are still not quite ripe, the oil produced is a deep green color with intense fruity aromas and spicy notes, called green olive-oil of early harvest.




Within the following weeks the fruit ripens. The oil produced varies gradually.

It acquires a golden-green color, it retains its fruity aroma and transforms

the intense sour and spicy aromas into delicate tasty notes.





This golden-green “elixir of life” is stored in modern

stainless-steel tanks, in a dark and cool environment,

thus maintaining its quality for the following period.

 It is then bottled, unfiltered in this monitored environment.


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